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What is “EPS”?   

  • Expanded Polystyrene (commonly known as “Styrofoam”)

How do I recycle “Insta-pak” foam packaging?

  • Remove the plastic film on the outside, recycle that then crumble the foam from inside and discard that in your trash.

What happens to the Styrofoam after I drop it off?

  • Our machine grinds it and then extrudes it out and we then form it into blocks making it easier to stack and ship.



How can I sign up for the business pick up service?

  • Just call us at 505.322.9965 for all the details






How does it get recycled?

  • Once a load of 40,000/lbs of processed EPS material is produced it is sold to manufacturers to be made into plastics products.

What does EPS foam get turned into?

  • Picture frames, light switch & outlet covers, crown molding and some electronic cases.

Is there a limit to how much I can drop off?

  • There is no limit for clean, dry foam material, just make sure you remove all tape, stickers and labels before dropping off.

What type of materials do you accept?

  • See the detailed page HERE

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